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1.Before laying the tiles, they should be SPREAD on the floor to ensure an even surface of uniform color. This is essential as slight shade variation is natural in the ceramic tile manufacturing process. Matching the tiles on the floor beforehand prevents any mismatch when laid.

2.Dampen the surface of the tiles lightly before laying to achieve easy adhesion. This particularly applies when cement mortar is being used. However, using tile adhesives no longer require this procedure.

3.Minimum of 2 mm clearance (gap) between any two tiles should be kept when laying. This is necessary as ceramic floor tiles are made to a size tolerance of plus or minus 1%. The gap between tiles should be filled with grout.

4.Never allow cement or grout to dry up and harden on the tile. Workmen should clean the tiles IMMEDIATELY after fixing and grouting them. After laying the floor, ALLOW 2 TO 3 DAYS for it to dry perfectly. Don't walk or use it for other purposes (such as painting and repairs) during this period.

5.As floor areas are UNLIKELY to have all walls exactly parallel with corners at precise right angles, it is advisable to start tiling from the CENTER OUTWARD. This enables any tile cutting to be left until the walls and corners are reached. Draw a CENTER LINE parallel to the walls and commence tiling from this center line.